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Whole Health Nation 2020 

Zen, Greenville,SC 
January 4th, 2020

8:30am - 4pm

Join Ileana (one of the featured class speakers) along with vendors and healers centered around and celebrating the element of Water. 

Ki Aikido: Flowing from Conflict to Opportunity.When you are one with the Universe, Ki flows freely.

 Do you find yourself “trying” to control or force people and situations in your life?  Do you ever feel “stuck,” or as if you’re coming up against the same relational conflicts again and again?  This Ki Aikido class offers an opportunity to experience the ease of movement and natural power that result from balance, relaxation, and focus.  By coordinating mind and body, we can expand our awareness, deepen our respect for and understanding of one another, and realize our connectedness with all living things.  Join Ileana Shaner for an interactive class that shares Ki Aikido movement as a model for flowing from conflict to opportunity.

 Ileana Shaner is a classical pianist, martial artist, and yoga practitioner.  Her ever present desire for personal growth, performance improvement, and spiritual development led her to the Japanese martial art of Ki Aikido and yoga. Having trained for 25 years, she currently holds the Aikido rank of 5th degree black belt, the Ki rank of joden, is a Certified Lecturer for the International Ki Society, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200.  Ileana is passionate about realizing oneness of mind, body and spirit. This coordinated existence lives beneath our own unexamined assumptions, limiting beliefs, and habit thoughts. It is through Aikido movement, Ki development exercises, breathing and meditation, yoga, music, and creative artistry that Ileana expands her expression and encourages others to discover their natural potential and inextricable connection to the universe. 

Click link below to watch an interview discussion with Kara Cozier regarding her upcoming presentation at Whole Health Nation and the principles of Ki Aikido.

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