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What would it feel like to plug into your deepest self,

the you who has lived through infancy into youth,

from adolescence into adulthood,

from who you are now to who you will be as you age through this lifetime; 

the you who knows your true yearnings and desires? 

How would your day be different if you were guided by your intuition, your inner wisdom, finely tuned, custom made, just for you? 


What would it take to let go, to release ways of being or thinking that once served you, but now burden you, hold you back, weigh you down?


What would it feel like to accept yourself completely? 


What if you didn’t have to change or adjust or accommodate or edit or produce or provide or ________ to be loved unconditionally? 

What would it feel like to rest in yourself, just as you are, exactly in this step of life, just . . . to be, right here . . . right now?

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